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Today, College Costs Can Easily Exceed $250,000 Per Child...

There Are Two Different Prices For A College Education –
One For The Informed Buyer And One For The Uninformed.

Which price will you pay? 
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Awarded To Client Families Since 2010 (est)
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Peaks College Prep is a College Prep and College Coaching service that will make sure that you or your child do not have to worry about preparing for college or college funding.

We understand at Peaks College Prep that you are a parent who loves your child and wants nothing but for your child to be a happy, productive and a successful member of society. There is clearly no better way to arrange this than to make sure that your child gets a wonderful education at a top rated college.

With the state of today’s economy, the cost of living is rising while wages are remaining the same, and college funding just isn’t what it used to be. With Financial Aid not paying nearly as much as in the past, and many universities raising their prices, many families have to mortgage their homes just to finance Freshman year. This does not have to be you.

At Peaks, we know that there is a way for your child to go to a wonderful school and be successful without breaking the bank. We know that it is not necessary to take a second mortgage, a third job, or to sell the family vehicle in order to enroll your child in a four-year institution. We also know that you’re probably already having a hard enough time paying for high school.

Which is why we focus on the following:
College Admissions — We are aware of what College Admissions Offices look for and will train your child to focus on the things that really matter and avoid wasting time on the things that do not.

College Prep - We help your child complete all necessary components necessary to get into the college of their dreams, including standardized testing and putting together the application package.

College Funding — We have learned that there are two types of parents who pay for college, the informed and the uninformed. The informed buyers manage to save thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars paying for college, by making the correct decisions and asking the right questions. It’s not just about saving for college, it’s about saving on college.

College Coaching — Finally, we train your child on the correct study skills so that the once she gets into the school of her dreams, it’s not wasted on poor note-taking and test-taking skills.

When it comes to college, you can never be too prepared. Contact Peaks College Prep to get started today! You’ll need every second to get ahead of your child’s competition. 
Who Are We?
Kevin Campbell, 
College Planning Director,
 Financial Advisor

Christine Campbell,
College Planning Director

Craig Root
Admissions Director
Admissions, Guidance
Career Development
Traci Selby
Client Services Admin
Chief Mayhem Controller

Jared Greene
Outreach Coordinator
Peaks College Prep works with clients all across the USA using online video conference meetings to assist parents and students in this very complicated process. Coast to coast, we have you covered. 
Using online video meetings makes it easy for you to connect with us.
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