Signature Series
Our Signature Series defines comprehensive college planning. It combines our Admissions Prep Program with the College Funding Program to create the best results for each student. You will be paired with a professional  college planning advisor and have the support of financial aid specialists, student services counselors, and a client services team. Your college planning advisor will calculate your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) using both federal and institutional formulas. After reviewing all of your
financial data we will begin building your customized College Funding Plan. Your College Funding Plan is a personalized and comprehensive plan for helping your student gain admission
to their top choice colleges as well as affording the associated expenses.

Your student will participate in our proprietary 1-on-1 student
prep program. They will learn what to look for in a college and how to ace their college applications, essays, and interviews. Your financial aid specialist will help you tackle all financial aid paperwork including, but not limited to, the FAFSA**, CSS/Financial Aid Profile, Business/Farm Supplement, and applicable institutional forms. We also evaluate your student’s award each year and walk you through the appeals process when appropriate.

Throughout the entire college planning process, we will be there to answer any questions that may arise. We deliver ongoing direction and support to all families we work with through our website resources, proprietary college planning calendar, constant email and phone support, and numerous other tools provided for your family.
College Funding
Do you know what your family’s current plan is to pay for  college? Are you concerned about running out of funds mid-way through your student’s college career? Are you sacrificing your ability to retire comfortably? Even if you are fortunate enough to have saved all of the money you need to pay for college, are you aware that you may be missing out on thousands of dollars in savings through tax capacity and EFC reduction strategies? 

The Analysis & Planning Program helps families answer these questions and more. You will paired with a professional college planning advisor who will work with you to analyze your family’s educational goals and current strategy for handling college expenses. Your advisor will help you uncover ways to reduce your out-of-pocket college expenses. This includes choosing schools that are more likely to award free money (grants & scholarships), utilizing tax-favored
dollars to pay out of pocket expenses, maximizing  financial aid possibilities, and various additional strategies unique to your family. The goal of our Analysis & Planning Program is to put together a comprehensive plan covering each year that you will have at least one student in college.
Admissions Prep
For many families, applying to college is a stressful  process. If you are not seeking a comprehensive college plan or assistance with the financial aid process, but would like admissions assistance for your college bound student, our Admissions program will give you and your student the help you’ve been looking for. There are numerous deadlines to meet, essays to write, applications to complete, and new information to learn. Our student services workshops cover everything from the college  search to how to ace college admissions interviews and make the most out of your campus visits. Our workshops, proprietary college planning calendar, and other client-only resources will answer your questions and guide your student each step of the way with timelines, tips, and suggestions. 

Our Admissions program also includes web based SAT, ACT, and PSAT courses that students can fit into any schedule. These courses are educational, fun, and have guaranteed results. With most colleges and universities
using these tests to determine merit based financial aid, an improved performance on these exams could save your family thousands of dollars in potential college expenses.

Does your student need help with admissions essays? Our professional essay editors will proofread their essays and make suggestions for improving grammar, content, spelling, and other common errors. Editors will also offer
advice on how your student can make their essay stand out. They will learn to showcase their best qualities while maintaining their own voice.
Financial Aid Assistance
All of our programs include resources to help you navigate financial aid filings, such as the FAFSA and CSS Profile along with optional reviews to insure that you don't make critical mistakes on financial aid filings. Not available as a stand alone service.
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